Julien Arino

Mathematical epidemiologist


432 Machray Hall

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I am a Professor and 2021-2024 Faculty of Science Research Chair in Fundamental Science with the Department of Mathematics at the University of Manitoba.

My research is in mathematical biology, with particular focus on the role of movement in epidemiology and epizootiology. As part of my work, I have become more and more interested in data scientific aspects.

I teach mathematical modelling and mathematical epidemiology in a variety of settings and have recorded some lectures in that context, which I post to my YouTube channel.

selected publications

  1. Describing, modelling and forecasting the spatial and temporal spread of COVID-19 – A short review
    Julien Arino
    Fields Institute Communications, 2022
  2. Effect of mobility on the stochastic phase of an epidemic
    Julien Arino, and Evan M. Milliken
    Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 2022
  3. Risk of COVID-19 variant importation - How useful are travel control measures?
    Julien Arino, Pierre-Yves Boelle, Evan M Milliken, and 1 more author
    Infectious Disease Modelling, 2021
  4. Mathematical epidemiology in a data-rich world
    J. Arino
    Infectious Disease Modelling, 2020