MATH 1300

Vector Geometry and Linear Algebra

I teach MATH 1300 from time to time and here are a few documents I have produced when doing so.

  • Remarks on notation. This a catalogue of some pet peeves when teaching MATH 1300, notation-wise. Some very simple rules to follow that should ensure marks are not removed.
  • An alternate for section 5.2 in Anton. When teaching diagonalisation, things are made hard because topics on general vector spaces (linear independence, in particular) were removed from the program. (I am not sure what the current program is, it is likely things have been fixed now.) These notes provide a way to look at the diagonalisation problem.
  • A compendium of definitions, theorems, etc. Note that this corresponds to the older course program, so the end is irrelevant. I will update this file the next time I teach MATH 1300.